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    The superior anthocyanins in New Zealand blackcurrants contain anti-inflammatory properties that help your mind and body to repair and recover


    Inflammation is a vital part of the immune system’s response to injury and infection. It’s the body’s way of signaling the immune system to heal and repair damaged tissue, as well as defend against foreign invaders such as viruses and bacteria.

    Inflammation is good for you when it stimulates all the necessary healing processes, but harmful when prolonged or occurring in places where it is not needed.

    Blackcurrants and their role with inflammation

    The beauty of New Zealand blackcurrants used in CurraNZ is their rich blend of anthocyanin and flavonoid compounds that distinguish them from other berries. – and have been shown to stimulate antioxidant and anti-inflammatory processes in the right way, at the right time.

    Anthocyanins can enhance immune responses while also controlling and suppressing chronic, harmful inflammation in the body – helping the body repair.

    Flavonoids are regarded as ‘nature’s biological response modifiers’

    Studies show that flavonoids promote beneficial inflammatory events, are powerful antioxidants and assist immunity. Flavonoids also have significant impact in suppressing several inflammatory processes that take place in the body, e.g. acute allergenic responses – which is why CurraNZ has been reported to be highly effective for easing the symptoms of hayfever – without any side effects!

    Chronic inflammation is linked to the development of many serious diseases such as heart disease, Type II Diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases, but a healthy diet and lifestyle can help keep inflammation under control.

    Numerous studies with blackcurrants have demonstrated their ability to promote natural immune responses, further evidence that blackcurrants are nature’s true power packs!

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